The Deadline Interface

Deadline can be found on the top menu of 3DS Max. Click on “Submit Max to Deadline”.

DBR for VRay or Corona are NOT working at the moment. Please do not select these options.

The following window should pop up, and you should take note of the settings in the highlighted areas below. See the notes at the bottom of this page for the settings you should be using.



Job Name

The name of your Job. Please use the format [StudentNumber]_[Firstname][LastName]


Short description of Job type. E.g. “30 Second Animation, 24fps”

User Name

Please ensure this field matches your University of Melbourne Login Username and is identical to the username used to login to the remote desktop. Your job will proceed otherwise but you will be unable to retrieve the files.


Please enter your Subject Code (E.g. ARCH00000)


Please use the Pool(s) assigned by your Subject Coordinator. Pools are assigned to subject; if you select the wrong pool, your job may not be processed.


Please use the Pool(s) assigned by your Subject Coordinator, otherwise leave blank.


Leave as “None”


Priority of Job – for Admin purposes only. Will not change the speed of rendering or queuing of Jobs.

Run Sanity Checker

The Sanity Checker is a tool to check your file is in working order. This will be shown over the page.


The button to Submit your Job for rendering.

Log Window

Will provide information and error reports.Click the Next button at the bottom of this page.

Encountering issues?

If you encounter any issues please see the troubleshooting section first. If your issue is not resolvable with the information provided here please log it with Stop1.

Please note that any issues with the Render Farm must be lodged via Stop1 for us to be able to process. Thank you for your help in establishing and making this new service more robust; We can only fix problems that we know about. So please log any issues you encounter with Stop1.

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