Raise3D E2 Open Access

Raise3D E2 is a desktop IDEX printer, IDEX stands for independent dual extruders - they can operate independently or both extruders can operate simultaneously.

IDEX printers have the following modes:

  • Dual Material Printing

  • Duplication Mode allows both extruders to print in a synchronized manner, producing a model and its exact copy.

  • Mirror Mode prints a model and an inverse of that same model at the same time.

Printer Specifications

Build size (mm)

330 X 240 X 240 mm

Supported filament diameter (mm)


Nozzle size (mm)

0.4 mm

Heated Bed



Compatible Materials

NExT Lab stocks PLA material, but the printer is compatible with the standard array of materials:

pageUse Own Filament
  • Wood filament can produce stringy effect results, slower print speed recommended

  • Clear filament requires slower print speed and higher temperature


The Raise3D E2 can be used to explore multi-material 3D printing in prototyping and model making.

Check out these multi-material 3D printed projects:

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