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This article features case studies of the photogrammetry process. They will show how the Benchmark (linked below) has been applied, the challenges the subject presented and the additional techniques that were applied to successfully capture the subject.

Photogrammetry Benchmark

Sun Ribbon

Abstract: The initial photogrammetry of this object was very noisy as photo alignment was not perfect. The main culprit was non-ideal visual features due to high reflectivity and the harsh sunlight combined with a generally flat and featureless surface of the object.

The initial pathing for this object could not capture all the necessary aspects to form a complete model.

Key Problems:

Benchmark Category

General Aspect

Subject-Specific Problem



Very thin

Visual Features

Lack of features

Smooth, shiny, dark object


Ease of Photography

Limited space


Harsh lighting - bad contrast

Additional Techniques Used:

  • Different Time of Day

  • Adjusted Pathing

  • Markers on Subject

Terrestrial Scanning

Voices of Country

Full Article Coming Soon!

Abstract: Nature is notorious in 3D scanning as its features are not easily distinguishable, making scan alignment a hurdle in this project.

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