PRUSA Open-Access

Freedom to Tinker

Get access to an open-source 3D printer to tinker and explore and experiment on extended or recurring projects. These printers can be used with all sorts of materials and both the hardware and software can be modified for special use cases.

While NExT Lab staff will be available to offer support and troubleshooting, we want to see what you can do with the technology! This is an opportunity to take responsibility for a 3D printer, learn its ins and outs and to experiment to your heart's content.

If you have something you would like to try, come speak to us!


Complete the training course to get access. Contact us afterwards to organise printer access.

Resources and Responsibilities

The responsibility falls on you to push the printer to its limits, but also if it happens to break! There will be as many successes as there are failures. The NExT Lab stocks standard equipment related to the printers, but anything that falls outside of this scope will be yours to manage!

Printer Parts

  • Smooth PEI Spring Steel Sheets

  • Standard Brass Nozzles

  • Hardened Steel Nozzles for abrasive material printing

  • Standard PLA filament @ $0.15/gram

  • Non-standard filament (Inquire)


  • If NExT Lab stock is available, nozzles and filament can be purchased through the NExT Lab.

  • In the case of broken hardware, must be replaced and paid by the student.

  • If a 3D Printer is modified, students are expected to return the printer back to its unmodified state when requested.

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