Epoxy Method

This is one of the easiest methods to finish your 3d-prints and fill the striations in your print to get a smooth finish. The process is quite fast and will usually leave you with a gloss finish as epoxy resins are used for finishing surfaces such as timber floors. However, this can be easily worked around by spray painting your parts post smoothing in the same manner you would in previous methods.

One of the drawbacks of this method is the price of the product. It is not cheap but can be readily found in hardware and hobby stores, as well as online. Aside from that the method is quite fast and produces a decent finish level.

This method is useful for post processing prints with complex geometries where it would be difficult to get to all the parts with a spray application.

Pro Tip: Sand your parts with 1000 grit (or higher) sanding paper prior to applying the epoxy. Sanding it first will make the process of smoothing the surface of your parts easier and yield a higher finish quality. Apply the sanding paper in a gentle circular motion (following the instructions on the sanding method) then use isopropyl wipes to clean your parts prior to applying the resin.





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Finish Quality

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  • General finishing Epoxy Resin (such as Z-POXY PT-40 Finishing Resin)

  • High-cover aerosol paint + primer

  • Isopropyl wipes or similar to clean part


  1. Ensure that your parts are clean and dry, wipe part down with isopropyl wipes or similar.

  2. Ensure that your part is not sitting directly on top of the table or surface you are using to work. This will ensure your part doesn't stick to your work surface but will also allow you to access all sides and corners of your part evenly. So sit your part off the work surface by using a sacrificial block or similar.

  3. Pour your resin into a little plastic container, then pour the hardener onto the resin in order to complete your epoxy. Mix thoroughly and begin using mixture straight away.

  4. Using a brush (the size of the brush you use should be relevant to your part size - not too big, not too small) apply the epoxy to your print evenly. It is important not to lather the epoxy on as that will produce an inconsistent and undesirable finish.

  5. Leave to dry for up to 12 hours before applying your high-coverage spray paint. Follow the same steps as previous to applying your desired choice of colour paint.

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