Young Leaders Program Workshop

The Young Leaders Program (YLP) Workshop took place in June of 2018.

It was an Augmented Reality, block--stacking workshop using Foam Blocks and hot glue guns to assemble an approximation of Santiago Calatrava's Twisting Torso. Fologram was used to contour the tower in to layers.


  • Participants were introduced to the space

  • A demonstration of the Hololens and Fologram was performed

  • Participants were divided in to tables of 6 (2 groups of 3) and were given appropriate materials.

  • Workshop ran for approximately one hour and the glued together modules were stacked on top of one another.

  • VR Games session filled out the rest of the workshop

  • 3d Printed keyrings of the Twisting Torso were given out to participants at the end of the workshop

Presentation docs

The Presentation docs are available on github as a webslides presentation.

Required Materials / Equipment

  • One Computer per group

  • One Hololens per group

  • 100 Blocks per group

  • One CPlane per group

  • One hot-glue gun per group

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