Post-Submission: Updating, Paying & Collecting

Submission Checklist

Here at the NExT Lab, naming conventions are important for us to keep track of our large quantity of jobs that come in. We have a page detailing submission requirements and encourage you to refer to that constantly throughout the submission process.

pageSubmission Checklist

Request Progression

You will receive an email at three stages:

  1. Once your request is being reveiwed.

  2. Once your request is added to the printing queue.

  3. Once your entire request has been completed

Request Review

You will be notified when your request is being reviewed - here NExT Lab technicians will review the printability of your request and ask for any changes if required.

File Updates & Problematic Requests

You may receive e-mails from the NExT Lab asking for files to be updated.

  1. Update your files and increment the version number: e.g. my_meshes_v1.stl > my_meshes_v2.stl e.g. 4hr_1of2_v3.makerbot > 4hr_1of2_v4.makerbot

  2. Remove the old files that you will be updating from the request/onedrive folder.

  3. Upload your new files with the updated version number.

  4. Respond to the e-mail once you have done so.

Request Completion

The second email will also be sent with a Shopify link where you can pay online. It also indicates that your request is ready for collection. You can opt to pay online through the Shopify link or in person. Please note that we do card only transaction and do not accept cash.

During semester, request collection is located at the NExT Lab during our open hours (10am -4pm Monday to Friday). These hours can be affected by classes/events in the space.

Remember to use underscores instead of spaces!

Remove your previous files.

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