Submitting a Print Request

If you have been following along, you should have the following:

Here at the NExT Lab, naming conventions are important for us to keep track of the large quantity of jobs that come in. If you haven't been naming them appropriately so far, you may find them in detail here:

pageSubmission Checklist

Logging In

Access via your University email address, it may not work if you are already logged into a personal Microsoft account so you may have to use an incognito/private browser.

Request Details

The portal generates a One Drive folder for you to share your files with us. Enter your build plate details to calculate your request's cost and carbon footprint.

Submit Files

You will receive a One Drive folder for you to share all your files with us. Simply drag and drop your files into this space.

Do not make subfolders or use archive files.

For the request to go through, you must submit at least the .stl, .print or .thing and .makerbot files.

Successful Submissions

Once NExT Lab starts processing your request, you will receive an e-mail. Please note that this may take one or two days - turnaround times will be updated through the submission portal's main page.

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