Export from iPad

Export your scanned data straight from the iPad to a USB-C hard-drive or USB.

If you require a mesh outcome though, this is not the recommended export method. Refer to this page for more details:

pagePoint Clouds to Meshes

You may want to do this if you are after the raw e.57 point cloud data and do not require further processing or cleaning up of the point cloud, or do not have immediate access to a Laptop with the Cyclone REGISTER 360 software.

Once you have transferred the data from the iPad to your personal device, you can import the point cloud file for use in other software or workflows such as Cloud Compare or Autodesk ReCap on your desktop.

The transfer speed will slow down relative to the number of scans. We recommend transferring scans in smaller batches / jobs.

iPad to External Hard Drive

  1. Plug in an external USB-C compatible Hard Drive or USB.

  2. After linking and optimizing your bundle, select the Export E57 option in the Bundles Menu, see process below.

  1. Search for Files on the iPad

  1. Select the E57 file and select Copy and paste into the External Hard Drive folder, as shown in the next step.

  1. Paste copied file into the Hard Drive folder, as shown below.

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