Hotend & Nozzle

The Prusa i3 MK3S uses a standard E3D V6 hotend. The hotend consists of the following parts:

  1. The heatsink

  2. The heatbreak

  3. The heater/hot block

  4. Heater Cartridge

  5. Thermistor

  6. Cooling Fan

  7. Teflon/PTFE tube that acts as a filament guide

For details on how to assembled/disassemble the hotend itself (note that the blue fan shroud and fan is not necessary in the i3 MK3S), read here:

E3D's ecosystem makes swapping nozzles to different sizes or types easy. If the nozzle has an M6 thread which is sufficiently long enough, it can be used.

Swapping the nozzle on the V6 requires a little finesse as there's a chance to easily break the heatbreak if not done properly.

Read here to find out more:

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