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You are reading an old article for Unreal Engine 4 - it should still work for Unreal Engine 5 though!


Official Resources

Once you have a basic understanding of the software, Unreal Engine Documentation is the go-to reference for all engine uses:


The best way to troubleshoot issues with Unreal is by googling them, the chances are, other individuals have had the exact same issue or error:



  1. Go to https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/and download the installer for the Epic Games Launcher and install it.

  2. With the Epic Games Launcher installed, you need to create an account. Opening Epic Games Launcher will prompt you to do so.

  3. You can now proceed to installing Unreal Engine, click on the Unreal Engine tab on the left.

  4. Click the [+] icon next to Engine Versions and install the latest version.

  5. Click [Launch] on the Engine version you want to use.

Previous Unreal Engine Version Install

  1. With Epic Games Launcher installed and signed in, navigate to Unreal Engine on the left.

  2. Click the [+] icon next to the Engine Versions.

  3. You can click on the version number to access a drop-down list of previous versions

  4. Click [Launch] on the Engine version you want to use.

Epic Games Launcher Introduction

Unreal Engine is a piece of software developed and used by Epic Games, a game developer. Their Launcher is a way to interface with their services, the marketplace, development assets and tools, as well as Unreal Engine itself.


When you are ready, head on over to the Primer to get started.

pageUnreal Engine Primer

If you are familiar with Unreal Engine already, get started with the guides.

pageUnreal Engine: Guides

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