Quick Start


This article will cover a number of tools in Gravity Sketch that allow you to quickly learn the advantages of creating 3D meshes in 3D space.

This article is accompanied by a demo file and workflow, try it out for yourself or inquire at the NExT Lab.


This video will quickly show you the tools that once mastered will see you creating any 3D meshes with the only limitation being your imagination.


Here is a timelapse of showing how to use Gravity Sketch to quickly come up with a Capsicum inspired 'wireframe' object. The idea is that you can similarly try to replicate a 'wireframe' object of the capsicum to become familiar with the different tools in Gravity Sketch. Feel free to go off-script as soon as you feel comfortable and make a start on modeling any mesh you want using the same methods.

Demo File

The Gravity Sketch Demo file with the capsicum reference and mesh example can be downloaded below. Remember that you can change the opacity of the layer with the capsicum and other meshes, and also lock or unlock it when you want.

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