Model Preparation in 3DS Max

Importing & the 3Ds Max User Interface


  1. Change Units to the metric system using millimetres.

    1. Select Customise > Units Setup > System Unit Setup. Make sure that 1 unit equals 1 millimetre.

  2. The viewport can be maximised and minimised Alt + W

  3. Navigation;

    1. Holding Alt with the [middle mouse button] to orbit around the scene.

    2. Scrolling the [middle mouse button] will zoom the view in and out.

    3. Holding the [middle mouse button] will pan the view.

UVW Mapping


  1. Remember to use layers, they are your friend.

  2. Ctrl + [click] to select multiple objects.

  3. Box mapping will work in most circumstances, use 'real world' settings when possible

    1. (1M x 1M x 1M or 1000mm x 1000mm x 1000mm)

Lightmap Unwrapping


  1. You can apply a single modifier to a ground of objects.

  2. Get familiar with the UV Editor UI, to produce great textures you need to be familiar with it.

  3. Set UVW Unwrapping channel to 2.

  4. Change padding from 0.02 to 0.1.



  1. Exporting as an Autodesk .FBX

  2. Use the following settings when exporting an FBX;

    1. Make sure in Geometry that TurboSmooth is unticked

    2. In Animation makes sure that animation is unticked

    3. Make sure cameras and lighting is unticked

    4. In Units, deselect automatic and set scene units converted to Centimeters. This because 1 unit in Unreal Engine equals 1 Centimetre. This will ensure that our model come in at the right scale.

    5. In FBX File format we are going to set the Type to ASCII and the Version to 2011.

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