3D Targets (Object Targets)

Object Targets

Vuforia is able to recognise and process 3d objects as targets for AR content creation. At present, the main limitation to this AR content creation is the need to use Vuforia's proprietary scanning software, Vuforia Object Scanner, to create an Object Target.

An object target works in a similar way to image-based (2D) targets but utilises a feature scan as its target source. Objects should be rigid and opaque.


The basic workflow for working with Object Targets is as follows:

  1. Scan physical object using Vuforia Object Scanner

  2. Upload the file to the Vuforia Target Manager online

  3. Download the updated Target Manager Database.

  4. Add the object target to your project in Unity

    1. Add the Device Database

    2. Add and Configure the Object Target as a GameObject

Vuforia Object Scanner

Supported Devices

At present, the Vuforia Object Scanner is only available as an Android Application. The only supported phones are Samsung Galaxy Devices as shown below:


Supported Devices

OS Version

Object Scanner

  • Samsung Galaxy S9

  • Samsung Galaxy S8+

  • Samsung Galaxy S8

  • Samsung Galaxy S7

  • Samsung Galaxy S6

Latest supported OS on the device

Source: Vuforia Library

Working around Supported Devices using an Android Emulator

By using an Android Emulator such as Genymotion, on your PC you can download and install the Vuforia Object Scanner from the Google Play store. By using your PC webcam, rigid and opaque objects can be scanned with reasonable success.

Object Recognition in Unity

The basic workflow within Unity is extremely similar to that of 2D (Image) Targets.

Add a Device Database

If you haven't already, download the device database from your Vuforia Target Manager.

Import the .unitypackage file by heading to Asset > Import Package

Add and Configure the GameObject

  1. Add an ARCamera instance to your scene. GameObject > Vuforia > ARCamera

  2. Add an ObjectTarget instance to your scene. GameObject > Vuforia > 3D Scan

  3. Change the Object Target Behaviour. With the ObjectTarget selected, change the Database and Object Target fields in the Inspector Window

Add Content to the GameObject

  1. Add any content you desire to augment the object. This can be 2d content such as text or 3d assets such as .FBX files.

  2. Make the content a child of the ObjectTarget. This way the content will only be displayed once the ObjectTarget is recongnised.

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