3D Printed Wood Aggregation in AR

This is a NExT Lab demonstration of Fologram and holographic instruction sets.


The design is a discrete aggregation using the plugin Wasp, and converted into a holographic instruction set for Fologram.

3D Printing

[Woodfil experimentation]

Woodfill was selected for its unique aesthetics and also the ability to stain and oil it.

This section is work in progress.


Fologram also provides a way to access the Hololens tracking data, such as its position in 3D space and the user's hands, allowing for immersive interaction methods.

pageFologram for Grasshopper


This demonstration makes use of gestures that are meant to keep you immersed in the experience. Steps are navigated by gaze, and aspects of the model can be interacted with through hand gestures.

For more information on implementation, you can read our article on it here:


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