No Sanding Method

A guide to post processing a 3D printed model without needed to sand

The no-sanding method is the quickest and easiest method to achieve a decent level of finish to PLA prints. Aesthetically this process will not cover up the striations on your 3D-prints, however it is a great method for quickly colouring and finishing your parts to convey desirable effects.





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Finish Quality

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  • High-cover aerosol paint + primer (such as Rustoleum 2X)

  • Clear Satin Fast-Drying Polyurethane (such as Cabbots or MinWax)

  • Isopropyl wipes or similar to clean part


  1. First ensure that the part is clean and dry. Wipe the part down with Isopropyl wipes or a similar product.

  2. Apply a medium coat of high-cover paint to the part

  3. Immediately apply a light coat of the polyurethane

  4. Wait 10 minutes in-between coats

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 a total of 5 times

  6. Leave the part to dry overnight

  7. If the part is discoloured, it may benefit from a final coat of high-cover paint.

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