Masterpiece Creator


Masterpiece Creator is an intuitive and user-friendly way of quickly sculpting and creating 3D content.
This content can be post-processing in other 3D-modelling software packages, or can be used for 3D-printing or rapid prototyping.
Figure 01: MasterpieceVR Sculpting and Drawing Software

Software Interface

Masterpiece Creator allows a user to create 3D content (mesh geometries) in a virtual space through two methods:
  • Volume Sculpting, and
  • Brush Strokes

Using the Controllers

Like many VR applications the wireless Vive controllers are the main tools for Masterpiece Creator interface; giving you a working palette in one hand and an application/selection wand in the other.
Figure 02: The standard Interface of MasterpieceVR
Toolkit Palette
This is the main toolkit which includes all of the features of the software, including sculpting tools and shapes, the smoothing and surface manipulation tools as well precision guides for sculpting.
Selection Wand
Use this controller to select different features and options of modeling and sculpting in the software. Select options and different guides and tools by clicking the trigger once.
Sculpting Tools
Once you have selected the desired sculpting or drawing tool, hold the trigger to execute the function you desire,
Figure03: MasterpieceVR User Interface - Toolkit Palette and Sculpting Wand
Figure 04: MasterpieceVR Tool Guides/Precision Tools - Visit Section 3.4

Extended Controls

Masterpiece Creator allows a variety of extended controls for further manipulating and interacting with your sculpture/geometry.
Grip Buttons
Scale, Pan & Rotate
Hold both Grip Buttons simultaneously on both your controllers and using hand gestures and motions, you can scale, rotate to view from any angle or direction and pan/move your sculpture as you work on it.
Touch Pad
Open/Close ToolKit
With one click on the Touchpad of the controller which holds your toolkit you can hide the toolkit whilst you are sculpting for better clarity of your space. Click once again and the toolkit palette will appear again.
Scaling Tools and Adjusting Features
By sliding your thumbs up & down the Touchpad will adjust certain features of the software's tools. For instance, with the sculpting tool the right touchpad will adjust the size of the sculpting tool and the left touchpad will adjust the strength of the sculpting tool.
Right Controller
By pressing the System Menu button and the right Trigger simultaneously you will take a screenshot of your sculpting space.

Masterpiece Creator to 3D-printing WIP

Masterpiece Creator is compatible with traditional 3D modelling workflows which allows users to export words produced in the software into commonly used formats such as OBJ, STL, FBX and GLTF files.

Creating your Sculpture

Figure 05: Sculpting within MaserpieceVR
  • Save your file before Exporting

Exporting your creation

  • What you intend to achieve with your sculpture will determine the file format you need to export
  • For 3D-printing you will need to export as an STL file. This allows you to open exported file in Rhino, Makerbot, Blender, Meshmixer or Netfab, depending on your post processing procedure.
Figure 05: Exporting from MasterpieceVR
  • For the sake of this guide - the post processing of the sculpt was done in Meshmixer before opening the file in Rhino or Makerbot.
Figure 06: Post-processing geometry in Meshmixer before 3D printing parts

3D-Printing your object

For this step, review the 3D-Printing Guidelines available on the Knowledge Base for the preparation of your file and troubleshooting any issues you may have with your geometry prior to printing it.