The BLK360 requires Leica Geosystems' Cyclone Field 360 app installed on an iPad to be able to access the point cloud data stored inside the scanner unit. With this app, registration and links between scans can be created.

Field360 Access

Critical Check

The Field360 app should already be logged in and ready to go - please check with the loans desk if there are any issues.

If you plan on using the processing laptop not on the university wi-fi network (UniWireless), please sign into the laptop first before you leave the premises to ensure you are the latest logon. Otherwise, you will not be able to sign unless connected to the univeristy network.

Scanning Setup

Scanning involves steps:

  1. Setting up the BLK360 at its location.

  2. Connecting to the BLK360 with the iPad.

  3. Setting up scan parameters in Field360.

Setting Up the BLK360

The BLK360 must first be removed from its protective cover; simply untwist the cap anticlockwise (viewed from the top) and carefully remove the unit.

  1. Power/Scan Button

  2. LED Ring used to indicate status. Solid Green = Idle Flashing Yellow/Green = Scanning/Processing or Transferring Red = Error

  3. Scanning Sensors Do not damage, obstruct or cover any of this delicate area.

Once taken out of its cover, place it on a stable, flat surface or onto a tripod with the dedicated adapter.

Handle the unit with care; the anodised surface can sometimes slip easily from your fingers.

Powering On / Powering Off

To turn on the scanner, press the power button once. When the LED ring turns solid green, it is ready to go.

To turn off the scanner, press and hold the button on the scanner until the LED ring turns off.

Connecting to the BLK360 with the iPad

iPad Pin Code: 000000

Connect the iPad to the BLK360 via Wifi. On the iPad, navigate to Settings > Wi-Fi . Ensure it is turned on and connect to the BLK360. If prompted for the SSID and password, the information for these is located inside the battery flap of the scanner.

Launching Cyclone Field 360

Once you have connected to the BLK360's wifi, open Field360 on the iPad. At the top right of the screen, tap on the info button > Connections > connect to the BLK device (The ID number can be found if the battery flap).

New Project

Launch a new project with the + button at the bottom of the screen.


Scan Control Tab

  1. Access the Scan Control tab using the target button at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Scanning parameters

  3. Expanded parameter controls

  4. Estimated scanning time + Remote Scan button.

Scan Parameters

From left to right:

The expanded parameters allow you to fine-tune things like the emissivity sensitivity for thermal imaging if required. Refer to the following PDF for more information if required:

New Scan

Press the giant play button to begin a scan.

An in-progress scan can be cancelled with the controls at the bottom of the screen. The scanner's LED ring will blink yellow while it is scanning.

After a scan has been successfully completed, it will automatically transfer into the FIELD 360 app and show up in the menu on the left.

Scans that have yet to be aligned are referred to as Setups.

Scan Previews

You can verify the scan quality with the preview tools up top. Map is the default setting, giving a birdseye view of the scan data. 360 will preview the image if enabled for the scan. 3D will give you a preview of the point cloud.

Next Steps

Next Scan

When you are ready to move on, verify that the scanner's LED ring returns to solid green. It is now safe to reposition at your next scanning point. Repeat the steps above to continue your data capturing process.


When you have 2 or more scans completed and synced into the app, you may begin the process of registration, which is aligning and linking scan data together. It is recommended that you do this on the iPad as you scan as a way to verify the completeness of your data.

Alternatively, you may also do all your scans at once and use the desktop app to do so, this may be required if battery is limited, you are using multiple scanners, or if the alignment tools in the iPad are not working and more manual/precise alignment is required.

Scanning without the iPad

It is possible to set up the power button on the scanner through the iPad app. Useful for if battery power is limited on the iPad. The scans can then be transferred to the iPad.

Configure Power Button

Enter the scanner info settings in the top right, and tap the Configure Power Button to tune how the scanner performs when the power button is pressed. These settings are the same as above. Pressing the power button on the scanner will then scan with these settings.

Manually Transferring Scans

The Scanner Data menu, found through the Scanner Control Menu is the way to access all previous raw scan data in the scanner's storage. Pick and choose the scans and sync with the top right button in the menu.

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