General FAQ

This page contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Digital Reconstruction Technologies

General Digital Reconstruction Questions

Can I scan transparent objects?

Scanning transparent, translucent and glossy objects is extremely difficult using structured-light scanning and photogrammetry. If the texture of the object is not required, the object can be covered in a matte finish such as paint or powder to scan the geometry.

On Full Body Scanning

Scanners have difficulty with glossy objects, and as such, hair is difficult to resolve. If you want to perform a body scan, try covering the head with a hat.

How do I scan feature-poor or texture-poor objects?

You can add registration marks to objects. We recommend using masking tape and drawing shapes with a black marker on the tape. These features will serve as reference points and help align scans. You can also draw directly on the target object if that is appropriate.

Regarding Photogrammetry, what is the best way to ensure my object is scaled correctly?

There are several methods to scale your object. You can place a ruler in the target object environment to serve as a reference point. Scale the object after the fact in a 3d modelling package such as Rhino3d using reference measurements taken from your object that you were scanning.

Artec EVA

I keep losing tracking, how do I get my object back?

In order to maintain tracking, ensure that you move slowly and look at the artec studio window rather than the subject. If tracking is lost, slowly return to your previous position.

How do I get a point cloud when using the Artec EVA?

Unfortunately, there is no way to export point-cloud data from Artec hardware or software.

Why does Smooth Fusion not work?

If smooth fusion fails check that your layers do not have an excessively high max error (>0.5) and/or 'Warning' labels, you may do the following:

pageFrame Selection


How do I get a point cloud when using Agisoft?

You can export your dense cloud. Select [Export Points] and follow the dialogue prompts.


How do I get a point cloud when using MeshRoom?

You can export point cloud data in the .ply file format by adding a ConvertSFMFormat node to the output of the StructureFromMotion node, then connecting this to a Publish node. After computing, right-click and open the file location to access the .ply file.

Leica BLK360

Can Students Rent out the Leica BLK360?

Unfortunately, students are unable to loan out this piece of equipment. Please speak to your tutors/coordinators and they can loan it out for their students to use.

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