This troubleshooting section covers issues that are mostly specific to Prusa printers and PrusaSlicer settings. For troubleshooting on regular problems, check out our troubleshooting guide here:


The most common issue with the Prusa is a filament jam and clog. Read more about it here:

pageFilament Jam/Clog

A worn nozzle usually needs replacing. Read more here:

pageWorn Nozzle

A broken/loose heatbreak typically also needs replacing. Find out more here:

pageBroken/Loose Heatbreak

If prints are not stick on the print surface of the Prusa, read this section:

pageFirst Layer Issues/Prints Not Sticking to Bed

Stringing and blobs on prints can result from a stringing and oozing hotend. Read more here:

pageStringing & Oozing Hotend

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