|AR| Studio 40: The Field

Augmented Reality Site Model with Rhino + Grasshopper, Fologram & Blender

Melbourne Design Week 2021

Project developed by Dr. Rochus Urban Hinkel, in collaboration with MSD Makerspaces: NExT Lab & Fab Lab. Studio 40 Students: Dylan Newell, Gaby Miegeville Little, Liam Bradley Maddern-Wellington, Gina Dahl, Maria Bulmaga

The Field is a public mixed reality installation situated outside the NExT Lab. The base model was fabricated by the Fab Lab, whilst the augmented reality content was developed by students of Studio 40 and curated by NExT Lab.


Models, especially trees were made very light-weight with low polycounts to allow for a smooth experience on the Hololens. Lighting effects such as shadows, ambient occlusion and basic material qualities were baked into the textures as well to ensure a smoother experience.


Rhino and grasshopper were used to stream the models to Fologram on the Hololens.

A grasshopper script controls the button input, showing/hiding batches of Rhino layers to display different student works in the model.

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