Use Own Filament

There are many types of filaments available that we do not stock - if you wish to experiment with certain materials, colours or material properties, you can buy your own filament and print on our machines.

  1. Identify and purchase filament

  2. Please send in the Material Data Safety Sheet prior to use so we may approve the filament first.

  3. If approved, bring the filament to NExT Lab for onboarding, we will test the filament for you to ensure it prints on our machines - though you might need to continue to dial in the settings.

  4. Print for no extra cost.

  5. You may trade in remaining filament for future print credit.

Open Access Printers

If printing in the MSD, toxic or odorous filaments are not supported, including: ABS, ASA and PC. An enclosure and filtration system would be required.

Refer to Prusa's Material Table for supported materials and base print settings. Tuning may be required to get desired print results.

Note that it will be your responsibility to store the filament in recommended conditions when not in use. We are unable to store filament for you due to limited storage space.

3D Print Farm

The Makerbot Print Farm only supports non-filled PLA filaments.

Print Farm Training:

  • Polyterra

  • FormFutura

  • Fiberlogy

  • Prusament

  • Filamentum

Trade In

Once you are finished using your filament, if there is a significant amount of material left over, you can trade it in in exchange for print credit.


1kg >


750g >


500g >


250g >


250g <

Not Accepted

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