Preparing Print Files

Preparing print files for the Modix is the same as preparing print files for Prusa printers. Level 3 Open Access Prusa 3D Printers:
Look for Level 3: PRUSA Open Access

Slicer Configuration

Prusa Slicer is the default slicer used to send files to the Modix. This is the Modix Big60 configuration for the slicer.

Import Configuration

  1. 1.
    Go through File > Import > Import Config

Configuration Details

The configuration is set to our default of PLA plastic with a 1.0mm diameter nozzle. You can change print parameters to suit other materials and save a new profile. Otherwise, it functions exactly the same as Prusa Slicer
Note that the bed temperature is set to 0 in the Modix print profiles.
Print bed temperatures are set on the machine and not through the printer settings. This will be covered layer.

Preparing Files

Preview and slice your geometry through Prusa Slicer as you would normally. Save As a .3mf file.
Name the file <time>_<weight>_<yourname>.3mf