Sini Scatter

A plugin for 3DS Max that allows distribution of 3D geometry over a surface.

Sini software is a plugin for Auitodesk 3DS Max. Its primary use is to scatter geometry over large surfaces with the use of a distribution map. It is incredibly useful; for example, one can use it to scatter landscape elements such as trees and vegetation across a terrain.

Accessing Sini Scatter in 3DS Max

You must have Sini Scatter plugin already installed in 3DS Max. Myuniapps will already have this in the shared labs virtual computers.

First, navigate to the sidebar on the right. Make sure you are on the tab with the + icon (labelled as Create) and that under the drop down menu, sini software is selected.

Click on the Scatter button. You should now be able to draw a Sini Scatter logo in the modelling space. Location and scale of this is not critical; it is a component that activates Sini Scatter in this instance.

After adding the scatter component, switch to the Navigate tab located next to the Create tab. Here, you will find all the options to begin scattering your geometries. You can also expand the sidebar to more easily access all the options.

Sini Software Tutorials

Sini Scatter's website contains a playlist of tutorials on using the plugin. It is extremely helpful and a good place to start. Access it here:

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