HTC Vive Cosmos


The HTC Vive Cosmos uses inside-out tracking, which means that it uses an array of cameras to map its surroundings to locate itself in the space. Compared to other iterations of the HTC Vive, the Cosmos does not require the external Lighthouse Basestation sensors. It is significantly

The "VR Kit Cosmos + Laptop" can be booked out via the Media Hub.


  • 1 x Laptop

  • 1 x HTC Vive Cosmos VR Headset, w/ fixed HDMI, USB, Audio

  • 2 x HTC Vive Cosmos Controllers (with 4x AAA Batteries)

  • 1 x Display Port Cable

  • 1 x Converter with DisplayPort and USB 3.0 Cable

  • 1 x Converter Power Adapter


Space Considerations

Ensure that there is adequate space for VR.

  • For Standing-Only experiences, enough standing and arm room is enough.

  • For Room-Scale experiences, a minimum area of 2m x 1.5m is required.

Ensure the space is clear of all potential tripping hazards.

Using the Provided Laptop

Ensure you login on Uniwireless/Eduroam on campus if you intend on using these off-campus.


The headset needs to be connected to the computer via the linkbox. See the image below to see how to connect the cables.

See the image below to see how to connect the link box to your PC or laptop (make sure that you use a USB 3.0 port)

Vive Console / SteamVR

Vive Console should automatically launch once the headset is connected, if not search for it in the Start menu and run it.

It may have an error at this point, you may have to run SteamVR to establish the setup.

Search for Steam from the Start menu and launch it. Create an account and login. Search for SteamVR in the Library, and launch it.

You should see both Vive Console and SteamVR reflecting the status of the headset.

Turn on the controllers by holding the Vive button (triangle-ish one) To finish, run Room Setup from the Vive Console's hambuger menu to calibrate your space.

Using Your Own Machine

If you would like to use the headset with your own device, you will have to set up and install all the necessary software.

Vive has prepared a setup app that includes the necessary software to be installed as well as a guide on how to set up the hardware. Please download it and it will walk you through the setup and installation process.

  • Download and Install Steam: available here:


The HTC Vive Cosmos uses controllers that are detected by the camera's via their unique light patterns. The controllers must therefore be powered by 2x AAA batteries.

The installation setup will take you through syncing the controllers.

The Cosmos controller has a large number of buttons and inputs that it is important to familiarise yourself with. Different VR applications make different use of the buttons.

  1. Joystick

  2. VIVE button

  3. MENU button

  4. Y button

  5. X button

  6. B button

  7. A button

In addition to the buttons on the face of the controller there are also several additional buttons that are often used for triggers, and controlling movements in the applications.

  1. Right bumper

  2. Right trigger

  3. Grip button

  4. Left bumper

  5. Left trigger

  6. Battery cover

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