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The HTC Vive Pro is an incremental upgrade to the HTC Vive, these are the differences:

  • Higher resolution display: 1440 x 1600 pixels, leading to sharper imaging

  • Two front-facing cameras for better reality capture support

  • Integrated headphones where-as the original Vive had a headphone jack.

  • More comfortable to wear

  • New Base Stations with better tracking and increased tracking area


The Vive Pro uses a DisplayPort 1.2+ input method to computers.


Please refer to our standard HTC Vive Setup as they are mostly similar.

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You can also refer to the stand-alone guide by Vive:

Base Station sensors

The Vive Pro's new Base Station 2.0 sensors are not compatible to be used with the original Vive sensors, but the Vive Pro headset and controllers are compatible with the original Vive sensors.

Vive Software

A key difference between using the HTC Vive and the VIVE Pro is that the latter requires specific software and drivers to be installed.

Download and install the VIVE Setup software

Other Resources

Please refer to the standard HTC Vive Troubleshooting page:

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