Monitoring And Checking Progress

The Deadline Monitor

You can check on the progress of your jobs via the Deadline Monitor. This software can be opened by searching for “Deadline Monitor” in the start menu.

In this monitor, you will be able to see how your job is progressing and have some basic functionality to managing your jobs. Please note that you will only be able to see and manage your own jobs.

Right-clicking on a job in the job menu will allow you to mark a job as Completed, Failed, or Delete a job entirely. Note that all three of these options will mark all incomplete jobs as Completed/Failed respectively and ‘end’ the job. You also have options to view the files for the job, as well as the outputs.

More importantly however, is the checking on the Task and Worker Logs. You can double-click on any task to open up the log to see how each task is progressing. In the event of the error, this log is critical in determining what the issues are.

If you need trouble-shooting assistance, make sure you send a text file containing the error log of the task (or from the deadline submitter) to your subject coordinator.

Once you can see your render is finished please click Next at the bottom of the page to learn how to retrieve your files.

Encountering issues?

If you encounter any issues please see the troubleshooting section first. If your issue is not resolvable with the information provided here please log it with Stop1.

Please note that any issues with the Render Farm must be lodged via Stop1 for us to be able to process. Thank you for your help in establishing and making this new service more robust; We can only fix problems that we know about. So please log any issues you encounter with Stop1.

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