Submitting Your Job

Dealing with Assets

You will need to copy across all your asset files so that the Worker devices have access to your Textures, Assets, etc. You can do this by navigating to the “Assets” tab, and selecting “Copy ALL External File References to Repository”.

Sanity Checking

The Sanity Check is the final step to catch any potential errors with the file itself.

  1. Use the “Run Sanity Check Now!” to check your file.

  2. If you have any errors, a new window will pop up.

  3. Error Summary a. A summary of the types of errors that have been detected. Fatal Errors should ALWAYS be addressed before sending a file. In some cases, Warnings and Non-Fatal Errors can be ignored with caution. Uncheck errors to ignore them if they are Non-Fatal or are Warnings.

In the example below, 1 Warning type error has been detected which indicates the “Restart Renderer Between Frames is disabled”. This is fine because we are only rendering one Job using one Software, so we do not need to clear the Memory Cache between tasks. We can uncheck the box to indicate that this is not a problem.


When you have dealt with all errors appropriately, simply hit the “SUBMIT” button to submit your Job. You should also check the Log window to look for a “Job was Submitted Successfully” statement as shown below:

Submission Errors

Any red text means there was an error.

If you do not receive the success message above, scroll through the log to identify your error.

A common error is the following auxiliary file error. Please read the linked article on how to solve it.

pagePackaging and Re-linking Assets

Encountering issues?

If you encounter any issues please see the troubleshooting section first. If your issue is not resolvable with the information provided here please log it with Stop1.

Please note that any issues with the Render Farm must be lodged via Stop1 for us to be able to process. Thank you for your help in establishing and making this new service more robust; We can only fix problems that we know about. So please log any issues you encounter with Stop1.

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