Submission Checklist

A reminder checklist for printing at the NExT LAB.

File Preparation

Before submitting your 3D print request to the print portal, please ensure you have done the following with the required files produced:

You are now ready to upload the necessary files to the NExT Lab Print Portal. Follow the instructions there.

Naming Conventions

Spaces are not accepted in filenames so use underscores _ instead. Append version numbers so we know which files are the latest

Only alphanumeric characters (underscores & hyphens are excepted). No special characters in the name (ie. " ", ( ), { }, [ ]. \, /, ' '). These will not be recognised by the Makerbots and cause print submission failure.

.stl Files

ALL geometry as a single file for review


e.g. house_v3.stl

.makerbot Files

Each build plate exported as an individual files

Time_File No._filename_Version.makerbot

e.g. 11h13m_1of3_house_v1.makerbot


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