Preparing the Print Bed

Surface Choice

Please use the textured surface.

Heating Principles

Unlike the other printers, the heated bed on the Modix is completely wired separately and must be individually set. This is done so for safety reasons.

The Modix bed is separated into two heating zones and these zones each have their own switch to individually turn on/off.

  • Use only the inner zone for small prints in the center 200mm x 200mm zone.

  • OR Use both inner and outer zones for larger prints.

Operating the Heat Bed

  1. Press the up and down arrows to change the target bed temperature.

  2. Turn on the heating zones you want to use.

  3. Wait a couple of minutes for the bed to reach the target temperature. The waiting time heavily depends on the target temperature; the higher, the longer.

Common bed temperatures:







Flexible (TPU)


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