Backwards Saving

For those that are working with a newer version of 3DS Max locally.

Despite 'Saving As...' an older version of 3DS Max to use with the farm, there may be some incompatibilities that make its way through the file. If you are doing this then please keep this article open as it will point out areas in the process that you should be wary of.

Incompatible Plugins/Utilities

Please also read the guide on Working With Plugins and minimise plugin dependencies of new features.

When opening your file on a remote machine, ensure you remove all incompatible plugins.

Take note of errors that may appear after you have submitted your file, in particular the Missing Plugin error.

Feature Versions

When opening a file on the Remote Machines, you will get a warning for different versioning of features. Certain features are just different and cannot be rectified by back-saving, an example can be seen below with one of the geometry modifiers.

If this is the case, you may just need to address the affected elements individually.

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