Corona Render

Additional set up for Corona Render

For Corona Users only.

As Corona is a progressive renderer, means it will keep rendering until you tell it stop. As it will not be rendered on the machine you are working on, there will be no way to complete the job! What you need to do is set up a limit so Corona knows when to complete the render.

Please note, this is another option to performing animation and tiled frame rendering and is not a replacement or must do.

Open the 3DS Max Render Window again, and navigate to the General Settings in the Scene tab.

  • For draft renders, a Noise Limit of 100 is acceptable.

  • For final renders, a Noise Limit of 2 is preferred.

As a safety net, you will also want to set up a maximum time limit on your render as well.

Encountering issues?

If you encounter any issues please see the troubleshooting section first. If your issue is not resolvable with the information provided here please log it with Stop1.

Please note that any issues with the Render Farm must be lodged via Stop1 for us to be able to process. Thank you for your help in establishing and making this new service more robust; We can only fix problems that we know about. So please log any issues you encounter with Stop1.

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