Render Job Submission


To submit your render job, you will be using a software called Deadline.

AWS Thinkbox Deadline is an administration and management software which uses Amazon’s cloud-based system to provide rendering services. You can think of Deadline as a Controller for your rendering project. It will take your Job and distribute the Tasks to Worker devices on the system. Worker devices are grouped together into Pools which can be programmed and optimised for different types of Tasks.

Tasks can be set in two ways:

  1. Animations: Set automatically by the number of frames.

  2. Still Images: Set by ‘Tiling’ your image.

Workers will run independent instances of 3DS Max to render the task, then move onto the next Task assigned to it. Once all Tasks in a Job have been completed, outputs will be saved to the Output (R:) Drive, and Workers will be assigned Tasks from the next Job in the queue.

The rendering services are open and available to all students in the ABP faculty at the University of Melbourne. Misuse of the rendering services will not only mean that your job will be delayed – but will also impact other students in the faculty. Students found to be misusing the services will be blacklisted and banned.

This sub article is further broken down into sections. Click on the links below to read them:

pageThe Deadline InterfacepageAnimaton & Tiled Frame RenderingpageSubmitting Your Job

Encountering issues?

If you encounter any issues please see the troubleshooting section first. If your issue is not resolvable with the information provided here please log it with Stop1.

Please note that any issues with the Render Farm must be lodged via Stop1 for us to be able to process. Thank you for your help in establishing and making this new service more robust; We can only fix problems that we know about. So please log any issues you encounter with Stop1.

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