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Dual material prints

Quick Starter Guide

This article provides a Quick Starter Guide to 3D Printing with the Raise3D.

This guide will only go through the workflow of models that have been designed for 3D Printing, information on modelling for 3D Printing please refer to the following article.

page3D Printing Workflow

Preparing the 3D Model

1. Ensure the 3D Model that complies with modelling guidelines:

pageModelling Guidelines

2. Separate the model into 2 components.

3. Export the components as 2 .stl that corresponds with the desired materials.


IdeaMaker is the recommended slicer for the Raised3D E2. You can download IdeaMaker via the following link:


  1. Import the .stl files into IdeaMaker.

  2. To align Models, select both components > Model > Align Selected Models.

  3. To assign components to extruders, Select the model component > ‘model info’ located on the left tool bar > Extruders > Selected the desired extruder.

  4. Start slicing. Please refer to advanced settings to adjust extruder speed and temperature if you are working with filament with different requirements .

  5. Preview and Export as a G-code file.

Advanced Settings

Advanced settings are accessed through ‘Prepare to print’ located on the left tool bar > Select Template > Template settings icon.

Layer & Support


pageCombating Warping


pagePrinting for Transparency

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