Loading/Unloading Filament

Filament loading and unloading are accessible through the menu screen on Raise3D.

1. Navigate to Utilities > Filament Loader.

2. Select the desire nozzle (Left/Right) > select Unload/Load.

3. Follow the onscreen command accordingly.

Loading Filament

1. Start running the Filament loading commands via the menu screen.

2. Trim off the tip of the filament for loading.

3. It is easier to feed the filament through the filament sensor before placing the spool in filament loader.

4. Once the menu screen has reached the desired temperature, apply a light pressure to help the filament extrude through the nozzle.

[Insert image of extruded filament]

5. Once the loading has completed, place the filament spool in the filament loader and close the door.

If the filament spool doesn’t fit in the filament loader, place the spool on a filament spool holder on a level surface close to the printer.

Unloading Filament

1. Start running the Filament unloading commands via the menu screen.

2. Gently remove filaments once the onscreen unloading commands have been completed.

3. Remove the filament spool from the filament loader, tuck excess filament away neatly.

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