Preparing Print Files

Preparing the 3D Model

1. Ensure the 3D Model that complies with modelling guidelines:

pageModelling Guidelines

2. Export the components as .stl files

Bambu Studio Slicer

Bambu Studio is the recommended slicer for the Bambu Lab X1 Carbon + AMS. You can download Bambu Studio via the following link:

First Time Setup

First time setup may ask to select a machine: Pick the X1 Carbon, 0.4mm Nozzle


  1. Begin by start a new project

  1. To import .stl files, File > Import > Import 3MF/STL/STEP/SVG/OBJ/AMF... Alternatively, the files can also be imported by dragging it into the print file

  2. If you are importing multiple .stl, this option bubble will pop up

Yes: This will import your .stl files as one object

No: This will import your .stl files as separate objects for multi-colour printing.


  1. This menu consists of plate type, each built plate type is suitable for specific filament material. (eg. Coolplate is best for PLA, Engineering plate is best for PETG-CF)

  2. The filament menu allow users to add up to 4 materials, add material preset, edit existing filament print settings (eg. nozzle temperature, print bed temperature)

  3. The left menu has standard print settings, including support, layer heights, infills, shells etc.

  4. The edit menu allow users to edit the imported objects, such as scaling, rotating, and moving the object to fit within the print volume

  5. The colour painting tool allow users to assign object with different filaments

  6. The preview menu shows a preview of the print path, estimated amount of material and time

For in-depth settings refer to:

pageModelling Guidelines

Assign Filament Material

The filament menu allow users to add up to 4 materials, edit existing filament print settings.

Note: The colour labels in this menu does not represent filament colours, it's only used as visual identification of different materials

To assign material to an object:

  1. Select the object

  2. Right Click > Chage Filament

Multi-Colour Prints

For print-in-place multi-colour prints, it is best to export your geometry as a single file.

  1. Use split-to-parts to separate out the object into its sub-objects...

  2. ... and use the assembly view to assign a material to each sub-object.

Colour Painting

Colour painting tool allow users to paint an object in 3D and printed with different coloured filament. The colour painting menu consists of available filaments in the current project as color boxes, tool type and pen size.

To exit the interface, click the colour painting tool icon, it will automatically preserve the changes made with colour paint.

More on the colour paint feature, please visit the Bambu Lab Wiki:


Start slicing. Please refer to advanced settings to adjust extruder speed and temperature if you are working with filament with different requirements .

The preview menu shows the estimated amount of material and time. Use this along with the 3D viewport's ability to go through the layesr to verify that it is printing as you intend, such as detail levels, print finish, etc.


Export to a plate sliced file.

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