Harvesting the Print


When the print is completed, let the bed cool down to room temperature before handling it.


The Modix uses a spring steel bed sheet for easy print removal.

  1. Simply remove the spring steel sheet slowly and carefully and place it on a table.

  2. On the table, you can slowly lift the spring steel up slightly on one side and flex to release the print.

  3. Remove any residual plastic left on the sheet such as brims and purge lines.

Replacing the Sheet

  1. Maneuver the build plate into the printer.

  2. Line up the steel sheet with the back edge of the heating bed.

  1. Slightly flex to begin lowering the sheet from back to front, like a phone screen protector.

  2. Apply some pressure in the middle to ensure that the sheet lays down flat, without any bulges or other deformations.

  3. The machine is now ready for the next print.

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