Twinmotion VR Viewing

Twinmotion provides a seamless VR integration for experiencing designs at 1:1 scale.

NExT Lab provides the following VR headsets that integrate with Twinmotion VR:

  • Meta Quest 3

  • Cosmos


You will need to export a Local Presentation or a Cloud Presentation from Twinmotion to access VR.

Setting up VR headsets

Please make sure your Graphics Drivers are up to date.

It is recommended to close Local Presentations or exit Twinmotion before connecting a VR headset to the computer.

Meta Quest 3

From the computer:

  1. Install Meta Quest Link on your computer.

  1. Connect the VR headset to your computer via:

    1. USB-C cable

    2. Wi-Fi - ensure both computer and headset are on the same network (Note: UniWireless does not currently work)

Please make sure you have the USB-C 3.2 cable supporting 5GBs or higher throughput.

  1. From the export folder, open a Local Presentation (.exe file) or open the project in Twinmotion.

  2. Press F12 to enable Presenter mode (optional).

From the headset:

  1. Hover and select Quick Settings.

  2. Select System and select Quest Link.

    1. Enable/disable the relevant option for Wi-fi or USB connection.

  3. Select the computer connected and select "Launch".

  4. Once you have plugged the cable to connect the headset with the computer - A dialogue box will appear and ask the desired connection on the VR headset.

  5. Click "Yes".

  6. A series of apps will appear on Quest Link.

  7. In the View menu, click the VR icon to start VR mode.

  8. Start navigating using the controllers.

  9. You can navigate to your saved panoramas via the 'presentation' button at the bottom

HTC Vive

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