Sending Print Files To The Modix

The Modix Big-60 can only be sent files via wi-fi. The NExT Lab has a dedicated computer for accessing the Modix to send files and manage the printer.

Accessing Duet Web Control

This is an interface known as Duet Web Control to control, monitor and upload to the printer.

  1. Turn on the computer - there is no password for logging in, simply press Enter.

  2. Double-check that the Wi-fi is connected to the Modix.

  3. Open Google Chrome, it should default to the Modix Big-60 dashboard. If not, access the Modix Big-60 bookmark or via the machine's IP:

    1. If there are any issues, please see NExT Lab.

Upload to the Modix

  1. Navigate to Files > Jobs to Upload your G-code.

  2. Find your g-code file and select it, follow the prompts to start the print.

The print will begin shortly after the Modix performs some initial calibration tests.

Monitoring Your Print

Through Control > Dashboard, you can do basic commands such as pausing the print, controlling some print parameters, and see the estimated print time.

Now we wait for the print to complete!

Cancelling Prints

Pause the print first to gain access to the Cancel function.

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