Workshop Access

Open access times

Open access times

1:00pm to 5:00pm Monday to Friday during Semester 1 and 2

The Machine Workshop powers off at 4:40pm. Between 4:40pm and 5:00pm everyone is required to pack up their projects and clean up the space. These hours may increase during busy periods of the semester, and will be updated on the website and announced in the Maker Spaces Newsletter.

Inductions - Machine Workshop

To have access to the Machine Workshop you need to have completed the Level 01 and Level 02 Safety Inductions (these must be retaken every calendar year).

Complete the required training and inductions here.

Check your induction status here.

Inductions - Machinery

All machines and power tools require a Level 03 Safety Induction that can only be conducted by Machine Workshop staff in person. During these inductions you will be shown how to safely use whichever machine you need for a specific task. Level 03 inductions need to be retaken every calendar year. For more information please visit Maker Spaces Access and Inductions.

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