Metal Belt Grinder

This is a machine used for grinding and shaping metal parts and is located in the Metal Working Area.


The metal belt grinder is a versatile machine found in the metal working space. It can be used in a vertical or horizontal orientation and has many different diameter wheels that can be used for putting a radius on metal parts.

Great Reasons for Using the Metal Belt Grinder

Cleaning parts: After cutting metal parts with a hacksaw or angle grinder you will be left with a surface that needs to be cleaned up. The metal belt grinder can quickly and easily grind a flat clean surface on metal parts and put a chamfer on sharp corners.

Shaping parts: Using a the adjustable platforms on the belt grinder you can take metal parts and shape curves, steps and angles into them that you can't do on any other machine.


Metal: Aluminium, brass, copper, steel and stainless steel.

Machine in operation

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