A chisel is a tool with a sharp steel cutting edge and firm timber or plastic handle. Used for pairing tenons, cutting mortices or the fine adjustments in any timber project.


Commonly bench chisels come in two distinct profiles, bevel edge and plain edge, ranging from 6 - 50mm in width.

Two Ways To Use Bench Chisels

Pairing: Guiding and pushing the chisel through the timber one can control the cut, pairing small amounts of timber to the desired level.

Striking: Hitting the chisel with a mallet allows for larger amounts of wood to be removed. For some techniques, such as morticing a (plain edge) mortice chisel depends upon strikes from a mallet to create a square mortice hole.


Timber: Dried or Green Timber Species

No Metals or Acrylics can be used with this handtool.

Hand Tool in Operations Video

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