Drill press

A tall machine used for accurate drilling


A drill press, or pedestal drill, has a surface you can firmly clamp your material to while you lower the drill bit into your material. You can vary the speed of the drill to suit the size and type of drill bit and the material you are drilling into.

Good Reasons to Use the Drill Press

Accuracy: The drill press controls the movement of the drill bit making every hole a perfect 90 degrees to the drill press table, or, by tilting the table, you can drill holes at precise angles.

Repetition: If you have multiple pieces that all require holes in the same position you can set up a fence and stop blocks on the drill press table to make sure the drill bit goes in the same position every time.

Control: Larger drill bits, hole saws and circle cutters are very difficult or impossible to control when using a hand drill. By clamping down your workpiece and using the drill press you can safely use these bits.


The drill press can be used on all timber products, metals and plastics.

Machine in Operation

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