Table Saw

A machine which consists of an adjustable circular saw mounted beneath a table, used for a variety of fine woodworking applications.


The Table Saw can make repeatable, accurate cuts thanks to its adjustable blade and adjustable fence.

Three Reasons to Use A Table Saw

Ripping Along the Length: The Table Saw allows for long timber members to be cut accurately along their length.

Cross Cutting: The Table Saw in conjunction with other accessories allows for accurate cross cutting of timber to create tenons, kerf processes or cutting of smaller unusual parts.

Cutting a variety of materials: The Table Saw allows for interchangeable blade types, allowing the cut of various materials (e.g. solid timber, plywood, acrylic, aluminium) accurately and cleanly.

The various types of table saw blades available for various jobs include:

Used for course ripping or for fine (clean) ripping cuts along the length of solid timber. The workshop has different alternate top bevel blades to achieve these tasks.


Timber: Dried timber species, plywood

Acrylic: Acrylic material to 10mm thick (Consult Workshop Technician before cutting)

Aluminium: Aluminium to 5mm thick (Consult Workshop Technician before cutting)

Machine In Operations Video

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