Advanced Making

The videos on this page demonstrates a range of useful techniques that you can use for your projects.

This collection of videos shows a range of more advanced techniques you may wish to know about.

Some of these techniques can be achieved using machines and jigs already present in the Machine Workshop while others rely solely on your skills with hand tools.

Disclaimer: All these techniques are displayed by highly skilled practitioners who use machinery and tools in ways we may not allow in the Machine Workshop. In most cases we can show you safer methods to get your project completed.

Making a mortise + tenon or bridle joint

The Machine Workshop has a similar tenoning jig available for use and combined with our crosscut sled you will find it very easy to cut tenons or bridle joints.

Making a mitred mortise and tenon joint

The jig required for the mitred mortise and tenon joint can be found in the Machine Workshop and provides a way of making large frames very strong without needing to use splines.

Making a Japanese Castle/ Shiro joint

After accurately marking out your pieces this joint is surprisingly simple to make when you use the crosscut sled and tenoning jig.

Making a wedge mortise and tenon joint

This is definitely the quickest way to make a mortise and tenon and while we do not have a dedicated mortising jig for the router it can still be set up for relatively easy use.

The traditional wedged mortise and tenon

Rob Cosman gives you a bit of extra information on the wedged mortise and tenon and demonstrates how to mark one out and cut it all by hand (N.B. he makes it look very easy!)

Making a Japanese dovetail joint

This joint requires the highest possible level of skill and while you might think of it as a fun challenge I certainly would not advise using it on anything with a due date

Making a housed mortise and tenon joint

The jig for this technique is relatively easy to make and the housed mortise and tenon is perfect for use on round legs.

Making a wooden cup

While this video shows some very dangerous bandsaw use it does show you how to go about making a wooden cup and the workshop technicians can help you safely shape the outside.

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