Belt and Disc Sander

A mounted stationary belt and disk sander used for the fine or aggressive sanding and shaping of timber.


A machine which combines both belt and disk sanding functions with an adjustable table to accurately remove small amounts of material.

Two Reasons to Use a Disk Sander

Fine Adjustment When needing to make small amendments on an angle or thickness of a material the belt or disk sander offers great control.

Roughing Out If unusual angles are required on small pieces, the belt and disk sander can be used as a more intuitive tool to visually remove material for a desired shape to remain.

Note: Although this combined machine offers fine adjustments sanding will not produce as flat or square results like other machines in the workshop. However with great care fine adjustments can be made successfully.


Timber: Dried timber species

Acrylic: Acrylic material to 20mm thick (Consult Workshop Technician)

Machine in Operations Video

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