Tips and Techniques

Understanding the planer/jointer

Check out this video for some super slow motion footage of a planar (jointer) in action plus some information on how to set them up if you have your own.

The science behind clamping

Everything you've always wanted to know about clamping and answers to questions you've never asked.

Router kickback and why it happens

We would almost consider this required viewing for using the router table. Brilliant slow motion footage of cutting in action and detailed information about kickbacks and their causes.

Understanding grain direction

If you struggle to understand or read grain direction this video will tell you what to look for and why understanding grain direction is so important.

Applying finish

This video displays the perfect application of hardwax/oils like those recommended by the Machine workshop.

Selecting the right glue

With the huge range of glues available it can be difficult to know which one to use and why you would use it. This is a great resource that talks about some of the glues we use in the Machine Workshop.

Template routing

This technique is perfect for laser cut or CNC templates and enables you to add consistent curves or shapes to your projects.

The fundamentals of woodturning

Essential viewing if you're interested in woodturning, covering stance, hand positions and how tools cut.

Designing for timber movement

This video gives you a very solid foundation in timber movement and how to design around it.

Glue myths and strength tests.

This video looks at timber strength and how the grain orientation effects failure points.

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