The Jigsaw is a portable power saw primarily used to cut curves in timber components.


The Jigsaw holds a reciprocating blade which protrudes past its small base allowing for curves to be cut freehand in timber with a depth up to around 35mm.

Two Good Reasons to Use the Jigsaw

Portability: If your work piece is too large to move or hold at a bandsaw, the portability of the jigsaw will allow for curves to be cut at your workstation or in hard to reach places.

Interior Cuts: Creating a negative space within a piece can be achieved more easily with the Jigsaw by inserting its blade into a predrilled hole. This allows for the cut to begin free from the outside edge. Achieving an interior cut too hard to make with most machines.


Timber: Dried Timber Species

Acrylics: Various thicknesses depending on the blade (consult workshop staff)

Metals: Ferrous and non-ferrous materials can be cut with the appropriate blade (consult workshop staff)

No Metals or Acrylics can be used with this Power Tool.

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