The Planer or 'Jointer' is an long piece of equipment with machined flat surfaces and an exposed cutting head. Primarily used to produce a flat surface along a timber boards length.


The Planer processes rough sawn and pre-dressed timber boards in preparation for other processes in the machine workshop.

Two Important Reasons To Use A 'Planer'

Flat Face: Producing a 'Flat Face' is the first critical step in making a timber board straight for your project, by removing the bow in dressed timber or machining away the uneven nature of a rough sawn board.

Straight Edge: Producing a 'Straight Edge' is the second critical step in making a timber board functional. By using the flat face of the timber board against the macines fence, you are producing a 90 degree reference for your boards edge to be machined straight.

There are important techniques in using a Planer, please see the workshop technicians for further guidance and safe operation of this machine.


Timber: Dried Timber Species

No Metals or Acrylics can be used on this machine

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