The lathe is a machine capable of making round or circular objects.


The lathe holds a piece of timber and spins it around while you control the turning tool to make shapes.

Good reasons to Use the Lathe

Round legs: With you controlling the tool the lathe is capable of turning square pieces of timber with straight edges, tapers, curves or a mixture of all these elements.

Round seats: Stool seats or other elements can be made round with concave or convex surfaces.

Other: The lathe is also capable of making other round/ cylindrical objects, such as bowls, boxes, jewellery, beads and pepper grinders (with the appropriate mechanisms).

Limitations: The lathe is only capable of handling material 1m long and 400mm across its widest point.


Timber: Dried and wet timber (no MDF or plywood)

Non-ferrous metals: Aluminium and brass can be turned for decorative features. It is not possible to turn them with high accuracy.

Machine in Operation

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